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Pinning 2020 contains more than 3 hours of video content in 20+ learning modules.

I break down everything I know about Pinterest in detail using both written and video tutorials.

I take you step-by-step through the process of blogging and Pinning with maximum efficiency.

I show you how to extend your Pinterest reach.

The best advice for a TPT Seller will always come from other successful TPT Sellers.

I’m not a Teacher-Author. But I’m married to one, and I’ve been connected to the TPT world for the last 7 years.

For the first 6 years, TPT was a very nice passive second income for us.

But when my wife and I joined forces in March of 2019 to work on her TPT store together, our sales sales took off like a rocket.

Now, it’s our full time job.

I don’t have a clue how to teach, but I definitely know how to sell teacher resources.

For an established and successful full-time Teacher-Author, this course is truly worth tens of thousands of dollars.

I’m happy to offer it at an insanely affordable price because it makes me very happy to share the wealth.

I truly enjoy helping other people.

And, there are more than enough teachers on Pinterest to go around.

In fact, there are more than 2 million teachers on Pinterest in the US alone.

I will show you how to reach them.

To get the most out of Pinning 2020, you need:

  • A WordPress website
  • An iPhone
  • A way to edit images (the tutorials use Adobe Spark)

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