Dump Your Disposable Bed Pads

Have you tried using disposable bed pads to tackle your child’s bed wetting problem?

There are many reasons that underpads are not the best way to protect your mattress and sheets.

Disposable underpads are wasteful.

If you’re like most parents, you might need to contend with bed wetting problems for years. This will result in hundreds or thousands of disposable pads winding up in the trash.

Disposable mattress pads are not biodegradable – they are terrible for the environment!

You might have already recognized this problem and opted for washable and re-usable bed pads instead. But…

Bed pads are embarrassing.

Even though it’s a common problem, your child is probably very self-conscious about their bed wetting issue.

When their friends come over to play and discover that crunchy plastic sheet on your child’s bed, it could be very distressing – even though the friend is most likely dealing with the exact same obstacle!

What’s the solution?

Move on from bed wetting pads and sheets.

There’s a better way to deal with this problem…


Peejamas are highly absorbent pajamas for kids age 2-7.

They’re better for the environment than disposable bed pads, because you can wash them more than 300 times!

And they’re not embarrassing like the infamous “rubber sheet.” Your kids will actually like wearing Peejamas! They look like regular pajamas while keeping your child dry and comfortable through the night!

Move past pads and sheets and jump in to Peejamas!

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