Pinterest Never Stops Changing

It’s 2020.

The Pinterest strategies that were effective in 2017 DON’T WORK ANYMORE.

Pinterest is always evolving.

I created Pinning 2020 because I was FED UP with seeing Teacher-Authors shelling out huge money for BAD and OUTDATED advice.

Pinterest is simple.

The only way to generate more traffic and grow your sales on Pinterest is to create fresh, quality content.


It’s your lucky day…you already have a reservoir of your own original content…

You’re a TPT Seller!

Pinning 2020 is the best Pinterest course for TPT sellers is because it was created specifically for TPT sellers.

Unlike other Pinterest courses, I show you how to successfully sell your TPT products on Pinterest.

The reason you’re on Pinterest is to sell your TPT products, right?

In 2020, more than 20% of our TPT sales and 100% of our personal website sales will originate from Pinterest.

Behind the Pinning 2020 Member Portal, I show you EXACTLY how I do it.

Lots of TPT Sellers have the same approach:

  • Dependence on Tailwind as if it’s a magic wand
  • Pinning the same images repeatedly
  • Pinning to collaborative boards
  • Linking most of your Pins directly to TPT
  • Composing “round-up” style blog posts

Most Teacher-Authors are usually doing all five of these things.

I’ll show you what works better.

This advice can be hard to hear for some TPT Sellers.

Especially those who have received contrary advice in the past.

I don’t use Pinterest the same way that most TPT Sellers do.

That’s why I’m so successful – because I’ve developed a strategy specific to selling teacher resources, unlike the strategies that are taught by “round-up” bloggers.

I’m telling you everything I know and showing you how I do it.

I know that it works, because it’s already working for me.

You’re here now because the advice you have received so far has not worked.

There are no tricks or secrets.

You can’t fool Pinterest.

Group boards, tribes, loops, Pinning parties…they will all let you down.

Pinning 2020 shows you how to efficiently use Pinterest the way it is meant to be used.

  • NO Tailwind
  • NO Scheduling Pins
  • NO Artificial Engagement

I’m IN!

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