When to hire a virtual assistant for TPT?

When should a TPT Seller hire a virtual assistant?

Helpful tips for any teacher-author looking to hire a virtual assistant!

Many busy TPT Sellers turn to virtual assistants when they can’t keep up with their TPT store.

You might be considering hiring a virtual assistant to handle your social media, product photography, TPT descriptions, editing & proofreading, or all of the above!

For some teacher-authors, that’s a great idea.

For others, it’s an awful idea!

There are things you should think about before hiring a virtual assistant to help with your TPT store.

Are you making enough money to justify the cost of a virtual assistant?

If you’re early in your teacher-author journey and you’re not making much money yet, you should NOT hire a virtual assistant for ANY REASON!

I don’t care how busy you are. You have to build the foundation of your business for free.

Do you really think you’re going to stick with your business if you’re paying out all of your early profits to your VA?

Most TPT Sellers don’t start to see significant income for 3-5 years.

Things always start off slow. Every TPT millionaire started with one single sale.

When you hire an employee too early, you’re not helping yourself – you’re handicapping yourself.

You want to build a castle – not dig a hole.

Some teacher-authors are making significant income from their business.

If this is you, congratulations.

Your time is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars per hour. You can’t be bothered with tedious tasks of any kind.

I completely understand.

You’re ready to hire a VA.


Helpful tips for any teacher-author looking to hire a virtual assistant!

Do NOT pay your VA by the hour!

Paying your VA an hourly wage is a bad idea.

I’m not even worried about your VA ripping you off (though they easily could).

Paying your VA an hourly rate puts your interests out of alignment.

In an employer/employee relationship, the two sides have both shared and competing interests.

  • As the employer, you want the task done well but also done as quickly and cheaply as possible.
  • As the employee, you want the task done well but you also want to generate the most money that you can.

A VA making an hourly wage does not benefit from completing a task quickly.

I’m not saying all hourly VAs are trying to rip you off.

I’m sure many of them work hard and bill honestly.

I’m just saying that they have no incentive to work quickly and therefore cheaply.

The longer they take, the more money they make.

How do you remedy this problem?


Pay your VA based on the work they complete.

This brings both of your interests into perfect alignment.

When your VA is being paid a fixed amount of money to complete a task, they have an incentive to work quickly.

The faster they complete their work, the more money they make per hour.

They earn more money by completing more work instead of earning more money by taking longer.

This is the only way to properly pay a virtual assistant.

Helpful tips for any teacher-author looking to hire a virtual assistant!

How do you know your VA is the right person for the job?

Does your virtual assistant have their own successful TPT store?

Or, do they have a reference from another TPT Seller saying that their VA has generated more in sales than the amount they’re charging?

If not, why would you hire them?

Your VA needs to generate MORE money than you pay them, or you might as well be lighting that money on fire.

I’ve heard many stories of TPT Sellers hiring a VA to completely manage their Pinterest account.

It turns out poorly EVERY time.

Very few people know how to generate sales online.

How do you know your VA knows how to make money on Pinterest?

Just because someone knows how to use Pinterest doesn’t mean they know how to help you make money on Pinterest.

So if YOU don’t know how to make money on Pinterest, and THEY don’t know how to make money on Pinterest, how do you think your business relationship will turn out?

It’s worse than the blind leading the blind.

It’s the blind paying the blind.


Helpful tips for any teacher-author looking to hire a virtual assistant!

You need to know MORE than your VA!

99% of virtual assistants available for hire today are CLUELESS on how to make money on Pinterest.

A huge mistake that I see TPT Sellers make is they confuse their virtual assistant with a consultant.

  • A consultant is someone you hire to educate you.
  • An assistant is someone you hire to do tasks for you.

Many TPT Sellers hire a VA while hoping that they’re hiring a consultant.

This can only turn out one way – DISASTER!

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