Why we didn’t opt out of TPT School Access

It’s all about the Benjamins baby.

I completely understood the backlash when TPT unveiled their School Access program.

TPT Sellers take a pay cut and TPT gets a larger piece of the pie. How could this result in anything but anger from the sellers?

But neither Amy nor I ever thought about opting out. Not for a minute.

The brutal truth is that TPT is the only game in town. You can sell from your own website (and we do) but nothing can match the traffic and sales that TPT brings.

As sellers, we currently have no choice but to let TPT steamroll us.

Opting out of TPT School Access is a classic example of cutting off the nose to spite the face.

It hurts to take a pay cut. But boycotting TPT School Access pays exactly $0.

So TPT Sellers are in a bit of a bind. Do you take a 50% pay cut, or opt out and take a 100% pay cut?

I don’t like the TPT School Access payouts. But we have no choice but to go along.

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