I want to Hire a Virtual Assistant to for my TPT Store

Do you need eye-catching product images but don’t have the knowledge or time to create them?

I’ve got the knowledge AND the time!

Product Photo Shoot:


Give a single TPT product the royal treatment. I’ll create all the images you’ll need for one of your products.

  • 10 Product Photos
  • 1 TPT Cover
  • 3 TPT Thumbnails
  • 4 Vertical Pins
  • 2 Video Pins

Single Image:


Whether it’s a TPT Cover, Pinterest Pin, or anything else – one-eye catching image created just for you.

Single Video Pin:


One distinct and striking video Pin.

TPT Storefront Banners


Spruce up your TPT storefront with a couple of animated banners!


Drop me a note to tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll email you right back.